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Hi, I am Nidhi. I love in india and my husband lives in canada. We got married in may,2021. We applied my PR in march,2022 after i got refusal for my visitor visa in feb2022. We are thinking of applying visitor visa again along with PR. I was wondering if anyone else is doing the same ? Can anyone suggest that we can do that or not?
When did you apply the first Visitor Visa?
Hie Everyone
So I’ve been trying to update my express entry profile and it’s not opening. When I try to sign in to my profile with the gc key it says you cannot open this page because network connection was lost. I was wondering if anyone else has faced this problem? Also my profile was said to be ineligible I have no idea why though .
Can anyone tell me what’s happening
How to go back home country in refugee case
Riley Haas
Riley Haas
So you're a refugee in Canada and you want to return to your country you claimed refugee status from?

If you do so, and it is discovered, you will lose your refugee status in Canada.
I got my IMM 1000 landing paper after landing in Vancouver in 1996. I left Canada in 1997 and without applying for a Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Card.
In this regard, can I re-enter Canada by using my US Green Card and stay in Canada for two years so as to reinstate my residency by applying for a Canada PR Card after the fulfilment of 2years continues staying restriction?Thanks a lot!!
Hi William,
My colleague Riley answered your DM. The short answer is that you can try to enter with your Record of Landing (by car).
Thank you very much indeed!!