Both Parents PR - child born outside Canada - Entry for Child TRV? TRP? PR?


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If someone could answer my question it would really help me. I'm a Canadian PR, recently moved to Canada (about 2 weeks). I came here earlier, planning to set up our new home before I could move my wife and child here. Both my wife and I are PRs and completed our landing process last year and returned to our original country and my baby was born there. Now, since I want them to come in a couple of months here could anyone tell me what is the fastest way to bring my child here.
I've been told (not verified) that it would take 6 months or more if I have to sponsor dependent visa for my child. If I apply for visit visa, there is a high probability that it might get rejected. REALLY CONFUSED! Someone please throw some light into this!

Riley Haas

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I'm sorry to tell you that your life would be a lot easier had your baby been born in Canada you. Would have no issues.
The processing time for sponsoring your child depends on where you're from. You can check them here:
To the best of my knowledge, the reason your child's visitor visa would likely get refused is because there is no reason for your child to return home. So sponsorship is probably the best way to go.