Calgari Vs. Ontario (Ottawa)


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I would like to ask which provinces had faster process in immigration between Calgary / Ottawa?

I had freind apply in Calgary get his permeant residence (refuge case) after 10 months, while my freind in Ottawa his hearing session (refuge case) keep postpending, is this only luck or the system in Ottawa slow due to the number of files?
Which provinces had lower prices in renting flats, cars, income taxes, vat?

Looking to hear from you.

Riley Haas

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Processing times are by office, not by province. To my knowledge, both of these cases should have been handled in Edmonton and any delays would be due to individual applications, not their location in Canada. (Unless I've missed something here.)

Accommodation and car rental prices vary by city, not just by province.

Income tax and VAT are higher in Ontario, last I checked.