Canadian work permit required when working for company abroad?


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Hi there,

I'm from Germany, came to Canada in January 2020 with a work & holiday IEC visa (valid for 1 year). Worked here a little bit in a supermarket, couldnt find a job in my profession due to the pandemic. Now I work for a german company as a freelancer.

My question: Do I need a work permit to be able to work for a german company, while living in Canada?
(I will have to pay all my taxes anually in Canada in the end of a year.)

Riley Haas

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This is a good question and a tough one.

I don't believe the government wants you here if you are working for a foreign company, but I could be wrong about that. You are not technically supposed to work as a visitor (it's illegal) but if the employer is in your home country, that is a gray area.

I think the answer is that you cannot get a work permit for a foreign employer which does not have an office in Canada. But you need a work permit to live here. But, to be sure, you should speak to an immigration consultant or lawyer who handles work permits to get complete clarity on your question.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

Riley Haas

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A lawyer or consultant should know if there's any legal way to work for a foreign employer in Canada when you don't have PR or citizenship.