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Hi Riley,


I am a wife of a foreign temporary worker,my husband has been working here in Calgary for about 7 yrs now, and it is our big dream to stay here permanently but we don't know on what or is there any of the Canada Government Program we will qualify.

With due respect,allow me to tell some, about our situation so that or maybe you could assess more easily.

Husband: Working here since Nov 2007
Current position - Cleaning Supervisor
Work permit exp. - June 6,2014
English test - None

Wife: Working here since Sept 2013
Current position: Helper
Work permit status - spousal- open work permit

Do we have a chance for PR application?

I will greatly appreciate your reply.

Thank you in advance and more power!



Anthony Doherty

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Hi Wengay,

Your husband and his company will have to apply for a new LMO, June 6th is next week, so he will have stop working in order not jeopardise his and your future in Canada. From the little information you have provided you may be eligible for Canadian experience class or the Albrta nominee program worker program. I sugest you seek the advise of a immigration consultant or lawyer as you are running out of time.

Immigroup offers consultations for $84.75 including HST which may help you decide what your best route is. If you are interested, you can contact us at [email protected] or 416-962-2623.

Hope this helps