Help! My mom is I’ll and I have to go back to USA after being in process for inland spousal sponsorship. What do I do?


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I am in the process of an inland spousal sponsorship for PR. I have received my work permit and I’m waiting upon further instructions for PR.

I have been living in Canada with my husband but my mother has recently became ill and I have to go back to USA to care for her. I’m not sure how long I’ll be there but the estimate is around 4 months.

Do I have to change the status of my application? If so, how do I do so? Will this change the processing time? Will I have to start my application from the beginning as an Outland sponsorship?
Any advice is appreciated!

Riley Haas

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This is a really good question. My gut says "no" you don't have to change your status, but this is solely my educated guess. I am just the admin for the forum and not either a lawyer or consultant (RCIC). I would strongly suggest speaking to a lawyer or consultant as I'm not sure the IRCC Call Centre staff would give you a correct answer. (They may, but they may also not be allowed to tell you that, because it could constitute legal advice.)

Sorry I cannot be more helpful. The number for IRCC is 1-888-242-2100, expect to wait on hold for a long time.