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I'm from India. Currently i'm looking to immigrate to Canada. I'm 30 yo. Completed my education (till college i.e bachelors degree). I have been working for the last 7 years as a Financial Planner. Still Single. Assuming I get a Band 8 in IELTS. Is it still possible that I would get through. I'm asking this coz the CRS indicative score gives me around 436. So I just wanted to know if it is worth applying. Also is there a difference in the actual CRS score & the indicative score?

Thanks in advance.

Riley Haas

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No, the score you see is the score you get. There is a different rating system for the Federal Skilled Worker program but that is out of 100.

So if you get IELTS 8 (which is CLB 9) and you get 124 points for language you would have a score of 436?