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Brand new here to this forum and thanks to everyone in advance.

I've been in Canada for the past year and a half, have work experience of around 8 months. Currently unemployed.
Jobs are project manager in technology which I believe is class 0 and NOC 0213
IELTS results - reading 7, writing 7.5, lostening 8.5 and speaking 8.5

I have my bachelors degree which I am getting evaluated by WES and waiting for them to get back to me.

Now, my current visa which is a working holiday IEC International experience category expires in Jan 2022 so I'm trying to apply for my PR.

I entered all the information on my application and got a response that I'm ineligible for EE. I'm not sure whatelse I'm supposed to do as I thought I would be fine with the application going into the pool as I'm cutting it too close to my current visa expiring.

1. Any suggestions as to what I can do on the above to go in the pool and be eligible?

2. Worst case scenario I will have to leave the country and apply from overseas. I'm not sure how that would go down?

3. Any other suggestions

Riley Haas

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Let me try to answer your questions:
  1. Is it possible you've been deemed ineligible for Canadian Experience Class (because you are saying you are in Canada) because you do not have the full year of work experience? If you have more than 8 months work experience at home, you should still be eligible for Federal Skilled Worker, provided that work experience is in the appropriate amount of time (off the top of my head I cannot remember if that's 5 years or more or less).
  2. That's totally fine in terms of eligibility though obviously it would be more expensive for you.
  3. Do you really qualify for this ? That's the first thing to ask yourself. Now, I don't know that the Express Entry system would be able to disqualify you based on something like this, so maybe that's not helpful.