Need Help for saskatchewan SNIP Documents!!!


I have any profile in Express Entry and i need help to be prepare with documents required for SNIP. I have found on saskatchewan immigration website that there are few IMMXXXX.pdf documents required apart from all of our personal documents.

I am applying with my spouse and 1 kid (5 years old)

I need help to understand do i need to fill in all the IMMXXX.pdf's for myself and my spouse separately or out of 7 different documents i need to fill in only few?

Document List:

1. 94342-Ethical Conduct Disclosure and Declaration Form 26 09 2016
2. imm0008_4e
4. IMM0008ENU_2D
5. IMM5406E
6. IMM5409E
7. IMM5562E
8. IMM5669E

Please help me as i already missed last month SNIP.

Anand Singhal

Riley Haas

Staff member
Anything that the principal applicant needs to fill out you need to fill out, anything that the other applicants have to fill out all of you need to complete. Each form should say. If there is a guide on the SINP website, you should use that. There should also be a guide somewhere that you can print off. I looked here but couldn't find it: