New Case - Please help with my options / advise


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Hi All,

Please help me identify the path forward.

I will be 31 by the time I create my EE profile.
Daughter - 3yr, no spouse

Education - 2 Bachelor's Degrees (Accounting & Audit / Civil Engineering)
Work Experience - 7 yrs in Planning / Scheduling (Project Controls utilizing Oracle Primavera) in Oil & Gas companies
Previous IELTS results (no preparation) L8.5, R7.5, W3.5 (didn't transfer in time from draft), S7.5. I will try to bump them up to 8/7.5/7.5/7.5

Currently I get CRS 456 - 463

Do I have chances of getting an ITA with such low scores? Should I go for PNPs? As I have understood - my chances of getting a job as a newcomer in my area of expertise are pretty low?(((

I will be grateful for any advise / guidance

Riley Haas

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The score is definitely not quite high enough. But we don't really know what's going to happen going forward. There are have been very few Federal Skilled Worker draws (your category) since the pandemic started. There actually weren't any until August. It's possible that the combination of so many CEC/PNP candidates getting invited and people feeling discouraged about applying due to the closed borders, that the cutoff will fall at least a little bit.

But if that doesn't happen, you need a job offer or PNP (and most PNPs need a job offer).