Outland spousal sponsorship - help needed!

Kate CP

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Hi all,

I've got dual citizenship - British and Canadian. I was born in Canada, but I now live and work permanently in the UK.

My husband is a British citizen (we married in 2009, in the UK); we have one daughter (born 2014) and are expecting our second baby next year (2016). Both children were/will be born in the UK, but both are Canadian citizens through me. We are going to apply for proof of citizenship for both of them once the second one is here next year.

We are intending to put in our spousal sponsorship application mid-next year, once our second child is here, but in the meantime we want to try and get the forms and documentation ready so we don't delay things too much.

We haven't got very far yet, but I already have some questions about the generic application form for Canada (IMM0008_ENU2D).

On question 3, it asks my husband to declare how many family members, including himself, are in the application.

Since I am his spouse, a Canadian citizen, and since I am the one sponsoring him, I am not to be included in this figure, according to the guide. But should our two kids, who are also Canadian citizens be included in this?

From what I can find on the government website, family members only include spouses and children, but surely our kids don't need to be included on the application if they're already citizens? They aren't being 'sponsored', but the guide makes no reference to citizen vs non-citizen family members, so we don't want to leave them off the form if they need to be there!

Thanks so much in advance!


Riley Haas

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Your kids are citizens, so you are not sponsoring him. So the only person who is being sponsored is your husband.

Hope that helps.

Kate CP

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Thanks Riley. That's helpful! Turns out I hadn't read the documentation properly, as it does say in the guides that citizens don't need to be included! I think it;s going to take me a long time to complete the forms!