OWP for common-law partner holding a SOWP


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Hi everyone,

I was successfully approved for a Closed Work Permit and my partner for an Open Work Permit (he is considered as my common-law partner).

He has managed to secure a job offer (NOC A) in Canada already.

Now, I have received a better compensation offer from another employer in Canada but I am restricted to work for my sponsor as of now.

-> Would it be possible for me to apply at the Port of Entry (Toronto Airport) for a SOWP (under my partner's own SOWP) ? I am asking if it is possible to get an immigration officer to switch my status from Closed Work Permit to SOWP.

-> Are immigration officers at Toronto Airport able to operate work permits and open work permits onsite immediately?

-> If both responses are no, what would you recommend me to do to be able to work for any employer asap?

Many Thanks for your help and support.

Riley Haas

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No, you cannot get an open work permit because your spouse has one. I suppose, if you spouse got a normal work permit as well, you can then apply for the spousal work permit.

Alternatively, you could apply to change your work permit.