PGWP Application after travel restrictions


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Hello all,

I am an MBA grad whose study permit is valid till 30th March, 2021. I had come to India for some emergency in December and was planning to go back on 15th March and apply for PGWP from Canada. I already have a job offer.

Now with the recent travel restrictions where you will have to pay $2000 for a 3 day quarantine. Therefore, was thinking to cancel my flight and postpone the travel.

My question is, now that I am in India, I want to apply for PGWP before my study permit expires. Should I apply for it stating that I am applying from "Within Canada"?, as my status in Canada is still 'Student'?
Or I need to apply for the PGWP as "from outside canada"? Is inside/outside concerned with geographic location or your current status in Canada?

If I apply as "Within Canada", i can get my work permit deliver in India through courier once approved.

Let me know what's the best way to apply for PGWP in my case.

Riley Haas

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As I said in the DM, you need to apply from outside of Canada, as it's your physical location which counts.

Geiv Leb

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