Query regrading filling up the EE form


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Hello Folks,
I have certain queries and I was wondering if talking to immigration lawyer would help or I can get it sorted here.Kindly advice.My queris are

1) My Original degree was of 5.5 years and IQAS considers it equal to a bachelors ,however in the EE form I can enter only intgers.Not sure what do i fill for 5.5 years.
2) Is it OK to take a color print of ECA report since I haven't received the hard copy of it yet and IQAS advised me to wait for 6 weeks.
3) My spouse completed his 3 years of program in four years,so what should I enter in Academic years for the degree 3 years or 4 years in the EE form.
4) In the ECA for my spouse IQAS has mentioned the course duration incorrectly.The original program was f 3 years but they mentioned it 2 years.Although they have correctly mentioned that it is equal to one year masters in Canada.When requested,they said it would take them another 6 weeks to correct it.

Thank you in advance for your help and good

Riley Haas

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So I am just the admin of the forum. I can guess at some answers. But if you want actual answers you should speak to an RCIC or lawyer, as you suggested.
  1. 6 years is probably fine in this case
  2. They will want the hard copy when you get your ITA
  3. 4 I think
  4. I honestly don't know to what degree this matters or doesn't matter, sorry.
Good luck.