Sponsor a Member of the Family Class


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Sponsor a Member of the Family Class
May I ask, once I have sent in my application to sponsor my American husband, is he allowed to move to Manitoba, Canada.
I checked the processing time for my application and it shows 60 days. But it then says there is an additional time added once approved.
The Canadian Border mentioned once my application is in he can come and live here. My husband heard him differently, and believes it is once he sends his documents in, medical etc.
Please help, I am overwhelmed and so confused by all the various forms.
Thank you.

Riley Haas

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Hi there,
Are you doing inland or overseas?

The 60 days is only for your part of the application (the sponsor's application) and not for the sponsored spouse - that is much longer.

Your husband is not allowed to just come here once the documents have been submitted. He needs to wait for his permanent residence to be granted.

If you would like some clarification on these issues, I can have someone from our office call you. Just send me a personal message with your phone number and someone will call you today or tomorrow.