Sponsorship under family class..Sponsorship Evaluation IMM 5481


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My Question on the Application for Sponsor IMM 5481 is Question 3 Net Personal Income. My income is an accumulation from different sources. CPP, OAS, Bank Interest and Dividends from Investments. My Question is basically since the Net Income must be the 12 months preceding the Application, how is the determined Amount from CPP and OAS calculated for 2015. I do not know if there has been an increase to these amounts for 2015. Since the Application will be submitted in September of this year then the calculation is split between the last 4 months of 2014 and first 8 months of 2015. Since my CPP and my OAS are direct deposits to my bank account with some tax already taken off and my OAS has been clawed back because of my income level, how do I calculate for 2015 the gross amount on my CPP and the gross amount on my OAS and clawed back amount. Of course there is the option of trying to contact CRA which I have tried for 2 days without success.

Riley Haas

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You net personal income should be on line 150 of your Notice of Assessment. That number is the correct one for this question.