Urgent name change in Citizenship Certificate for Passport application


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I recently became a citizen of Canada and received my citizenship certificate.My first and last names as they appear on the citizenship certificate are interchanged. All other identity documents (Drivers Licence and Health Card) have my names in the correct order.

I am unable to apply for a Canadian passport because of this. I have to urgently process a legal name change and also apply to change the citizenship certificate. Amending the immigration records may not be an option for me since I am not in possession of my original landing passport.

The normal processing time will be too long a wait ( 2 month name change + 5 months citizenship certificate change) since my Indian citizenship and passport are void as of the date of my becoming a Canadian Citizen. :(

I will not be able to travel for work or any personal emergencies in the mean time. :'(

Can you please suggest what would be the best course of action to get a passport at the earliest.

Riley Haas

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I have a question for you: if your name is correct on all your documents, why are you getting a name change? Is it because all immigration documents for Canada have the wrong name?

Does India not allow dual citizenship?

You can submit your replacement citizenship application with a letter requesting urgency, but you will need proof of travel, or, at the very least, a letter from your boss saying you need to travel for work, and cannot without the change.