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Hi, am phil.
i created my profile on April 10 when my primary NOC was exactly 2 years, hoping to add another 1-year experience which i had attained between 2014 and 2015.
However, i realized i was mistaken and that my secondary work experience in 2014 was just 10 months.

Thanks to the COVID which delayed draws, i have had extra 3 months experience in my primary NOC, which has helped push my work experience to >3 years

I received ITA this August and I wish to know if it would affect my application because when creating my express entry profile, i filled primary NOC (2 years) and secondary NOC (1year) {i forgot it was 10 months}. or sud i just go ahead and fill it correctly post-ita.

Riley Haas

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I'm sorry to say I honestly don't know. The EE profile is just a profile, it's not an official application. They will make the decision as to give you PR based upon your application, not on your EE profile. So it might be fine to just provide the correct information now, rather than re-submitting the EE profile and waiting for another ITA. You could call IRCC at 1-888-242-2100 to see if they can help you, but good luck getting through.