Bringing gifted furniture into Canada


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I am a Canadian citizen and resident. My grandmother, a US citizen and resident, is moving into an assisted living facility and would like to gift to me family heirlooms, furniture and personal goods. I plan to rent and truck and bring the items across the border with me. What can I expect with regards to duty and taxes? What type of documentation would I need to provide? Thank you.

Riley Haas

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So, your grandmother needs to provide a card or note including that each item is a gift. That will exempt you from only $60 per item. (You should make sure to have her contact information with you, too.) See more here:

If your grandmother can estimate what she paid for each, and give you a list, that should help. (Though if the heirlooms and furniture are old, it's really hard to figure out what they will charge: )

If you know an approximate price, you can use this calculator to try to figure out what you might owe:

Finally, there appears to be a new tariff on important foreign furniture for commercial purposes so you have to make it very clear this is for your personal use.

Hope this helps. And, again, sorry for the inconvenience. We evidently have a few bugs to work out.

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