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Hi all, I've done alot of reading here and understand the process to sponsor a spouse ( 3 years) . She has a 5 year old child and the sponsor process is a bit unclear for me for her child. It seems that for Quebec the sponsorship is to the age of 18 for a child. I would need clarification on my responsibilities if a relationship breakdown occurs after the 3 year sponsorship for my wife. Theoretically I would have 10 years of sponsorship remaining on her child. The extent of my sponsorship responsibility for the child is not clear. If the mother becomes a PR I would think she would have ultimate responsibility to supply basic needs to her child. Am I missing something? Thanks

Riley Haas

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So this forum is owned and run by a company in Toronto and we are not legally able to provide immigration services in Quebec. As a result, we don't know much about the differences between the federal and Quebec systems. For example, I didn't realize there was still conditional PR for sponsorship in Quebec. Do you have a link for that?


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Hi, no I didn't say there was conditional PR in Quebec. Never mind the Quebec part and we can discuss as Ontario. My question more specifically is if our relationship breaks down after the 3 yr spousal sponsorship ( lets say year 4 ) I would still have a remaining sponsorship obligation towards her child for a long long this example it would be 12 years. This is a huge responsibility and much more so than the spousal sponsorship. If you change the scenario around a bit: 5 years after landing in Canada my sponsored spouse would legally be able to sponsor her own child who she could sponsor over the required period. This would alot safer for me. I would never ask her to enter without her child and wait 5 years so is there any other solution?