Disclosing arrest


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Hi, I was arrested and imprisoned for 3 months and was released after filing for release. This happened 9 years ago for a suspected drug trafficking. The charges weren't dropped though but i was never prosecuted. However, my police clearance certificate is crystal clear and i don't know where a record of the incident is kept if any.
should i report anything in my application where they ask if i was arrested, incarcerated, imprisoned...?because this may be deemed as never happened in my records.

Riley Haas

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If you are asked specifically about arrests, incarcerations, imprisonments etc you should answer truthfully. If they ask if you have ever been convicted, and you haven't been, just answer truthfully to that. Hope that helps.


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You should not be facing problems if you are not prosecuted.
You should not be facing problems if you are not prosecuted. The drug laws are getting "softer" and that is good for you. Marijuana is getting legalized more and more. I agree that it should be like that because this is not something that bad. There are much worse things like sex trafficking and they are not getting punished for it. There are these sex trafficking organizations agencies like Selah Way that are helping people who were in those situations. They are doing everything they can to fight against this and we can help too.


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Nine years ago it was different. Now marijuana is freely available, so you shouldn't have any problems.A lot has changed in the time you've been out there, as far as drug laws go. Personally, I support the use of medical marijuana and even make my own cannabis butter after buying a cannabutter maker. It seems to me that strict drug control only increases the spread of drugs, which is why this policy has failed. And as for your statement, I guess you shouldn`t report it. You see, that way you don't give them an extra reason to look for more info about you. You don't need that, do you?