Lost biometric receipt


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My wife and I are applying for the Express Entry. We completed our biometrics at the VFS centre in Singapore in December 2020. However, unfortunately, I have lost the biometrics receipt- the one indicating that the biometrics process was completed, with my signature along with the officer's signature and the barcode sticker with my details and biometric ID. The IRCC portal is already updated saying that biometrics is completed. I have all the other documentation except that receipt. I wrote to VFS asking for a copy and they say they have no access to a copy. Is this receipt important and needed for the request for passport stage? Has anyone faced this problem before? Any solutions?


Toronto, Ontario
That's a really good question. I'm sorry to say I'm not sure of the answer. I'd say don't worry about it unless you are asked for the receipt. If, at that point, you are asked for it, you may need to get them done again, but I'm guessing.