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*** POF QUERY ***

My husband is the primary applicant and I am the secondary one. But my brother(secondary applicant's brother) who lives abroad tried to send 5K CAD to my husband's wise account for a gift deed on 18 Dec. The amount got stuck and was reversed back to him. Now he is sending it in chunks like 500 CAD at a time. The statement will have 8 transactions done in different days (not a single day).
1. Can this scenario create a problem in any way?
2. We will send an affidavit abroad through DHL to get it signed from my brother. Is there any alternate?
3. Is it fine if a primary applicant gets gift deed in hus account from saala (wife's brother), wife is the secondary applicant.
4. I didn't see any sample gift deed in which doner is secondary applicant's brother and amount is transferred to primary applicant (saala). Please provide sample or link if anyone finds any.
5. We are using Wise for transferring money and will be submitting its statement . Is that acceptable for pof?