Student Visa / Study Permit


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My existing Student Visa / Study permit will expire on Aug 30, 2023.
My Verification of Enrollment from my university came late (yesterday) Aug 12, 2023, for continuation of my studies. Since I am currently in Pakistan and if I apply for Study Permit from here, it will take 7 to 8 weeks to get the Study Permit / visa, resulting I will lose my fall semester. Questions:

1. If I apply from Pakistan and with my Application Confirmation number will I be allowed to enter Canada before Aug 30, 2023, considering applied study permit. If answer is yes, how long will I be allowed to stay? Will I be able to get my stupermit/ visa in Canada considering I applied in Pakistan. Will this create any hurdle.

2. If I travel to Canada before Aug 30, 2023, will I be allowed to enter Canada by showing Verification of Enrollment letter from my university, and informing immigration that I will apply for Study permit/ visa from Canada.

Any other recommendation to help me salvage my fall semester.