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Quality vs. Quantity!

Do-it-yourself immigration and document articles


Disclaimer: we don’t offer guest posts, links, partnership with immigration firms outside of Canada, partnership with schools from outside of Canada, or job placement for non-Canadians.

Are you in the following industries? We are increased in taking to you: financial, expatriate, law, & trucking.


About Immigroup: Established in 2004, the company over the years has been through countless evolutionary changes. Today, we put our resources into our website content and raise revenue by forwarding leads to different specialists.

Global Audience

  • 48% Canada
  • 12% United States
  • 9% India
  • 3% United Kingdom
  • 3% The Philippines

We have 60% of our visitors located in North America! We know that engaging this demographic leads to sales.

  • 43,000 unique visitors per month (Feb 2022) with a 7% monthly growth rate
  • 124,000 page views
  • 2.54-page sessions
  • 47% bounce rate
  • Average article length 2500+ words
  • Average do-it-yourself article 8000+ words
  • Website domain rating 40 (out of 100)
  • Approximate webpages 600+
  • Approximate high-value content created 75+
  • New high-value content created 50+ per year
  • Website established 2004
  • YouTube Channel with 85,000 subscribers.

How do we get these numbers, and what is our ongoing marketing strategy? In past years, we did things like most people in our industry – creating content with one goal in mind, lots of traffic. This was a mistake. Creating things like ‘Top 10 anything …’, does not convert to high-value clients. It just wastes your call centre staff’s time.

Since 2019, we have only created high-value content, things like:

  • ‘Do-it-yourself’ Topics, long-format content that teaches visitors how to do things themselves. Here is an example: ‘Google search, ‘do-it-yourself travel document’.
  • Courses we offer for free, that others in the industry charge hundreds of dollars for. For example, ‘Google search, ‘spousal sponsorship course’.

This new type of content translates to paying clients who need a lot less convincing to trust you. Users are smart; they research and know what is generic and what is truly outstanding.

What is a good fit?

As a business owner, you want sales, but every time a lead comes in, it costs you money to convert. Why not deal with a website that will send you quality leads? The benefit here is your cost to convert drops, and our clients convert a lot quicker.

You may ask, what are you doing that’s so different? Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor to our website who’s searching online and comes across our website’s content. They are impressed by the fact that our content really tries to solve their problem. Who would you trust, a website with generic filler on something, or a website that goes out of its way to give the highest quality content? Again, our leads convert a lot easier.


  • If you are looking for a steady stream of paying clients
  • If you’re more interested in quality vs. quantity
  • If you’re in an industry, we’re motivated to work with: Schools in Canada looking for international students; legal firms in Canada that are looking for clients; specialized services targeting new immigrants or expats.

What are we amazing at? 

  • Generating high quality leads to your phone and email.
  • Writing high quality content
  • Content optimization (SEO) including images, video (editing, script writing, and on camera delivery), and interactive tools.


We are focused on working with the following industry experts:

  • Prenuptial agreement specialists (foreigner and a resident of Canada)
  • Immigration industry experts
  • Legal template specialists
  • Canadian expat services
  • Residency status experts for high-net-worth Canadian leaving Canada (NR73)
  • Schools looking for foreign students
  • Humanitarian & Compassionate application experts
  • US immigration legal experts
  • Notary Services
  • Trucking industry
  • Banking and lending services.
  • Dual nationality services (example: first passport through descent)


Do you have anything for YouTubers?

Yes, click here to learn more

Wouldn’t this high-quality content be better on my own website? Tell me what’s the benefit of it being on yours?

A few factors:

  1. Our content recommends your firm. We know the most powerful way to get clients is through referrals. This is a lot more powerful than self-promotion.
  2. We have the team and skills to show results.

How can I keep track of my conversions (sales from your network)?

  • Phone tracking: we give you a phone number that forwards to you. This is a simple way at your end to see what converts and what does not.
  • Webpage embedded forms that forward leads to your email and are clearly marked as coming from us.

What is the expected cost per lead?

It depends on your industry and difficulty, but on average it’s half the price you would pay on Google paid search.

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