Immigroup collaboration proposal

Going forward we would like to continually sponsor your work.

Here is how we can work together…

When creating a video, you may find it helpful to bring up resources or tips to your viewers. When you think it’s appropriate, bring up one of Immigroup’s helpful resources (see full list below).

For example, you are creating a video talking about processing times, and you decide to let your users know how to use IRCC’s application times webpage, and you also show your users Immigroup’s processing times webpage to give your viewers more helpful options.

It’s that simple…

Below we will only list things that Immigroup truly stands out and is one of the best resources on the subject. This way you can rest assured you are giving the maximum value to your viewers.

See full list below and we are constantly updating it. We have also created your own webpage where we update new things to show your viewers.

Payment structure:

$50.00 per YouTube long video mention (limit of one per video)

  • Video length needs to be at least 15 words or more
  • YouTube description link is required only when you feel it adds value to your viewers

$20.00 per YouTube short video mentions (limit of two per video)

  • No word limit, what ever you think is appropriate.
  • Immigroup’s URL or logo must make an appearance

Tip: The added benefit with these two options is that your users are not always being bombarded with Immigroup mentions. Some videos you give a long mention, some just a short one and other videos will have no Immigroup mentions at all. This way your status within your YouTube community stay strong.

Note: just to expand the point what a short video mention looks like. This could be as simple as talking about for example, summary letters and the importance of it in certain situation. You give your viewers a list or resources they can check out and Immigroup makes that list.

$20.00 to $10.00 – upload your video to a competing platform (example: Vimeo, Twitch). $20 for the first competing platform (e.g. Vimeo), $10 for second (e.g. Twitch). You are limited to two platforms.

$250.00 for full video – preapproval required. Please email us to start the conversation: [email protected]

$75.00 to $300.00 written content –  preapproval required. Please email us to start the conversation: [email protected]

Terms of Service:

  1. In the beginning you are limited $120 per month.
  2. Please follow Google guidelines, here.
  3. All pricing and terms can change at anytime

If you are going to share Immigroup’s articles with your viewers on your Social Media accounts, please only do so if you feel it adds value to the users. Immigroup does not pay for links and follows Google webmaster guidelines.

How to get paid

  1. Create an invoice after your work is complete (if you are sending consistent work, please send an invoice on the 1st of each month. On your invoice or/and email please clearly list the work that you have done and the amount Immigroup needs to pay.
    Note: When sending your invoice please make sure you are clearly indicating links or your work and screenshots (when appropriate).
  2. Immigroup will send you an email money transfer – usually within 2-3 business days.

Content worth promoting

Parental Sponsorship Course:
Spousal Sponsorship Course:
Super Visa Course:
Study Permit Course:
Sponsoring an adopted child Course:
Canada Visitor Visa (TRV) Course:
Application Processing times:
Spousal Sponsorship Letter:
Letter of Explanation:
How to prove single status for marriage abroad:
Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend to Canada?:
How to get married in Canada to a foreigner?:

You can find a lot more outstanding content on Immigroup’s website by going to and selecting ‘Research a Topic’, or you can simply use the search tool, on the top left-hand side of our website. We just ask you to only use content that is truly outstanding. In other words, if some other company did a better job talking about a particular subject, then use that content, not Immigroup’s.

Other resources

YouTube guidelines for sponsored videos

Google guidelines for links, click here for overview. Click for ‘Qualify your outbound links to Google’, click here.

Have someone from our team call you back and answer all your questions.