IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration

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IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration

This form must be filled out by the principal applicant, including when they are younger than 18 years old although in that case the form should be signed by a parent or guardian.

In the case of Parents/Grandparents sponosrship, EACH of the following people must complete their OWN form IMM 5669, so you will usually have several separate form IMM 5669s in your application package:

  • The principal applicant (your parent or grandparent)
  • The principal applicant’s spouse or common-law partner, whether they are coming to Canada or not (your other parent or grandparent, or your parent’s or grandparent’s spouse)
  • Any dependent children of the principal applicant who are aged 18 or older, whether they are coming to Canada with you or not (your siblings, half-siblings or step-siblings).

As well, it is also a form with a Validate button that should be clicked after the form has been completed to ensure there are no missing or incorrect fields.

The first part is basic personal information you have to fill out in other forms as well.

IMM 5669 background

However, it also includes personal information about the principal applicant’s parents in sections 4 (father) and 5 (mother). Make sure all the information is consistent across the various forms you have to fill out.

IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration page 1 bottom mother's information and declaration

Section 6 lists potential criminal or immigration problems you may have had in the past. If you answer yes on any of these, you will have to provide details (you can add lines to the forms with the + key).

IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration page 2 middle education history

Section 7 is where you list your secondary and post-secondary (if any) details.

Section 8 is where you list what you have done (study, work, unemployed, etc.) since turning 18 years old. Remember to be specific when listing the occupations you have had. DO NOT write words like employed. Give your job title.

IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration page 3 middle personal history

Sections 9 lists membership in unions and political organizations while section 10 asks you to list any government jobs you may have held.

IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration page 4 top organizations and government jobs

Next, section 11 asks you to list military service while section 12 requires you to list your previous addresses over the last 10 years or since you have turned 18 (if you are younger than 29 years old).

IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration page 5 top military service

IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration page 5 middle addresses

Finally, you press the Validate button and correct any errors (usually indicated by a pop-up) or fill in any missing fields. Once printed you can sign and date the form.

Please make sure – if you are filling the form out online (electronically) you do the following:

  • Type in the date
  • Type in your name
  • Validate and print the form
  • Then sign the form next to your typed name in the signature box

If you do not follow these instructions, your form will NOT be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: when you sign the Declaration, please DO NOT sign the Interpreter Declaration nor Solemn Declaration as this must be signed in the presence of an immigration official if they decide to require it.


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