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Gathering your documents is a time-consuming and patience-testing process, but you have to get it right, or you’ll end up with delays and even sometimes a failed application.

As a guide use your Document Checklist form IMM 5533, which lists all the forms and documents – including supporting documents for both the Sponsor & Principal Applicant. Make sure you get and print your form IMM 5533 so you can use it as you assemble your application package.

The following supporting documents are required from the Sponsor:


Proof of Status in Canada (Citizenship or PR)

Because the sponsor in our example, Horatio Gilbert Samuels, is a naturalized Canadian citizen he has the option of presenting either:

  • Photocopy (both sides) of his Citizenship Certificate (since February 2012, citizenship cards are no longer given) OR
  • Photocopy of Canadian passport pages showing passport number, date of issue and expiration, photo, name, date and place of birth

If he was a permanent resident instead, he would need to provdie photocopies of both sides of his PR Card.


Proof of Intent to Reside in Canada

Because Horatio is already living in Canada he does NOT have to provide proof that he will return to Canada and will live with and support his spouse in Canada.

However, for Canadian citizens living abroad who sponsor a foreign national spouse, they must provide this proof along with a brief plan about how they will set up home in Canada – where they will live and with what financial means they will support the principal applicant.

Immigroup strongly recommends that the sponsor be in Canada when the sponsorship application is submitted in order to avoid proving intent to live in Canada.


Proof of Status for Sponsor’s Children

As our couple, Horatio and Carmen, have no children they do not have to apply to seek proof if their child will have Canadian citizenship.

However, let’s assume that they do have a young child who is in Brazil with the mother, Carmen. Because Horatio is a naturalized Canadian citizen he can apply for a Citizenship certificate for their child, who should – special circumstances not withstanding – be able to apply for a Canadian passport. The passport or citizenship certificate needs to be submitted to prove Horatio does not have to sponsor the child as well.


Proof of End of Previous Marriage

Because our couple are married and have not been previously married, the sponsor does not need to provide proof that he is divorced.

  • However, had Horatio been previously married he would have had to provide proof of divorce (divorce certificate) as a supporting document.
  • Had Horatio been involved in a common-law relationship with Carmen – in other words they would not be legally married – and he was still married to someone in Canada from la previous marriage, he would have to provide evidence that he is legally separated from his spouse (income tax forms or other legal documents).
  • If the sponsor was previously married and the marriage has since been annulled they have to provide a final annulment certificate.
  • If the sponsor was married and their former spouse is deceased, they have to provide a death certificate for their former spouse.


Proof the Sponsor can Support the Sponsored Spouse/Partner

As Horatio is working in Canada, he needs to provide the following 2 documents to show that he is able to support his spouse when Carmen comes to Canada to live with him:

  • A letter from his employer stating period of employment, salary, and hours per week generally worked. (If the sponsor is self-employed they must provide supporting financial documents outlining the income they earn from their business.)
  • The sponsor’s most recent Notice of Assessment (from the Canada Revenue Agency aka CRA) OR a Proof of income Statement from your most recent tax year. If the sponsor is unable to provide an NOA or Proof of Income, then they must provide a detailed explanation why along with relevant financial documents (bank or investment statements for example) that show how they will be able to support the principal applicant.

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