Do I Need a Co-Signor for Sponsorship?

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Can I withdraw my support and no longer be a co-signer of a parental sponsorship application?

Yes, you can.

However, please note that if you change your mind and choose to withdraw your support as a co-signer of a sponsorship:

  • You must inform the Case Processing Centre (CPC) your application has been sent to in writing that you are withdrawing your support as a co-signer.
  • You must also inform the CPC before the person sponsored becomes a permanent resident. In that case:
    • The CPC will record the withdrawal in their records and inform you and the sponsor of that your withdrawal was received – as long as you informed them before the person sponsored becomes a permanent resident.
    • The CPC will then reassess the sponsorship application to see if there are enough financial resources on the part of the sponsor alone to meet their undertaking.
    • If the sponsor’s finances are deemed insufficient the application will fail.
  • If you inform the CPC of your withdrawal of support after the person sponsored becomes a permanent resident, you will remain responsible for their financial support as if you hadn’t withdrawn your support.
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