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Dear sir
I am from Italy my nationality is pakistani I am working last 2/3 year as warehouse man and forklifts oppreter in Italy I want to apply for tradesman visa
What I do first
What about
For language test?

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Riley Haas

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I'm sorry to tell you that a forklift operator is not considered a skilled trade in Canada at this time. You will need to go about the process of applying for a work permit instead. That will require a job offer from a Canadian employer supported by a Labour Market Opinion.

Riley Haas

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What does your brother do?
The reason I am asking all these questions is because if you don't qualify for the skilled trades program, you might qualify for another program.

Riley Haas

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Okay, in that case your brother may indeed qualify for the federal skilled trades program. He needs to pick where in Canada he wants to live, and then either get a job offer from a Canadian employer, or get his credentials certified by a provincial or territorial agency which does that type of thing.
Unfortunately for you, you will have to immigrate separately from your brother if you want to come too.


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I have over 4 years as a HELP desk and Support/Network Technician and another 5 years as Electrical Technician....

How can I get started coming to Canada