Eligibility for British passport


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Wondering is I'm entitled to a British passport by my fathers citizenship at birth. My Father was born in what is now The Republic of Ireland in 1912 when Ireland was still part of the UK and so would have been a British citizen at birth, although he never held a British passport. I was born in 1975 in Republic of Ireland and have only Irish citizenship. Can I get a British passport because my father was born in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland?

Riley Haas

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It depends upon what happened at Irish independence. For example, with UK colonies' independence, most British subjects became citizens of the new countries. But I don't know what happened at Irish independence. Ireland is a special case, anyway, though so I think there is a decent chance.

The simplest way you can find out is just to apply for a UK passport with your father's birth certificate, your parents' marriage certificate and your birth certificate listing his name. If they come back and ask you for more information, or tell you that you need to "Register a British Citizen" first, or otherwise reject the application, then that's information at least. Or they may just give you the passport.