Riley Haas

Staff member
Hi chella99,

Thank you for your detailed reply. I am not an expert but i think that statement "Your PR card has been approved" means they have accepted our circumstances for not complying residence obligation. In my case, I authorized my lawyer to communicate with IRCC through their email and mailing address by submitting use of representative form to IRCC, therefore, IRCC will not send my PR card to my lawyer address and they will book an appointment for me in to pick them in person. Due to COVID19 pandemic, IRCC local offices are working with limited capacity and our appointment for card picking may be in waiting que. Let's wait and see.

Please keep on posted progress in your case as i will also do periodically.

Yes "Your PR card has been approved" does indeed mean there has been a decision. However, in non-pademic times, the invitation to pick up the PR Card is usually an attempt to confirm that the applicant is indeed in Canada (as you are supposed to be in Canada when you renew your PR Card).