50 points for job offer letter ICT


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Hi All,
Below are my details:

- I am an ICT woker (NOC 2171)
- been working for the same organization since 2011
- transferred to Canada entity in sep 2019
- have Work Permit till Jan 2021
- Currently going through renewal.

I shall complete 1 year in canada (Closed work permit for the same employer) in sep 2020.

My question is: can I claim 50 points for job offer letter. My offer letter does not state valid for 1 year after PR. Since it was not meant for PR.

I have read on other forums and few people were able to claim 50 points . those were on the same boat as mine. Can anyone confirm, that ICT workers can claim 50 points for Job offer?


Riley Haas

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Sorry to say I think that's a question either for a consultant (RCIC) or lawyer or, perhaps, for IRCC (1-888-242-2100).