AIP received. To avoid second-stage refusal, is it better to add a proper explanation for previous visa refusal now?

Naresh D

New Member
In my SDS application, all I have mentioned about my previous USA L1B visa rejection is one statement "PREVIOUSLY APPLIED FOR USA LIB VISA SAME GOT REFUSED." in imm1294e form. Instead of L1B, I have mistakenly typed it as LIB. Now I have noticed this typo. I am very much worried about the typo and not giving a proper explanation in my application. I received AIP on Sep 4th and my biometrics is scheduled for Jan 7th.

I see some people are saying that this ( No proper explanation for previous visa rejections ) is also one of the common reasons for second-stage refusal. This makes sense to me because, in application status, background check is getting updated lastly before the final decision is made for all the students.

To avoid possible refusal in the second-stage, Please advise me if it's better to submit an IRCC Webform to add the below information and attach my L1B rejection letter to my Canada student visa application.

Explanation for my previous rejection:
Previously employer has applied me a USA L1B visa. The visa officer has gave me a blue letter and said, I am giving this letter to your employer. In that letter it is mentioned that "Your blanket L-1 application is not clearly approvable". For your kind reference, I have attached the letter which the visa officer has given me.