Apply for Canadian PR as a high school Math teacher

Hi all,
I am a 40-year-old Australian high school Math teacher. I have taught in Australia for 7 years and I am currently teaching in California as a Math teacher. I am considering applying for Canadian PR and living in BC (Vancouver in particular).
I checked on CIC's website and I seem to be eligible for an express entry. However, my CRS score is 418, and an immigration attorney told me that I should apply for BC PNP but BC PNP doesn't seem to have teachers as a field that they need.

What should I do next?
Should I take care of the whole process by myself or hire an immigration attorney?

Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.
Thank you


Toronto, Ontario
Several immigration firms provide a service termed as 'document review'. Essentially, this service enables clients to complete all the paperwork and represent themselves during the application process, while also having a professional evaluate their documents prior to official submission.

Another perspective of this service could be likened to hiring a legal professional for a few hours specifically to scrutinize your completed work. Their expertise should aid in identifying errors or suggest improvements to enhance the application’s strength.

Take, for instance, our services here at Immigroup. We initiate our application review services starting at a fee of CDN$750, which includes a comprehensive 2.5 hours of review time. This duration suffices for about 90% of our clients, though the need for additional time may vary mainly on the quality of the initially completed application.