Apply for mothers visitor visa


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I wanted suggestion regarding my mother's visitor Visa application. I have applied my mother visitor visa twice first time it got rejected due to a missing document and second time it was rejected stating strong family ties in Canada. She is a single parent and I am on my work permit here and my brother is on PR with his family.

Since my brother was here
from only couple of months. I invited my mother as I am here since 3 years.

We gave all the below mentioned documents.
  1. Invitation Letter
  2. Letter from employer
  3. My mother's leave application accepted by her employer.
  4. Property evaluation documents
  5. Other liquid and fixed assets
  6. My T4 and Bank statements

Can anyone please suggest what could be the best option. Should I improvise her profile and apply for trv or apply for her supervisa.

Riley Haas

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I'd strongly suggest paying a lawyer or RCIC for a review of the application, at the very least, because of two previous refusals. As to which application is better - a Super Visa is better if you want her to return in the future to visit without having to go through all of this again.