Applying for a Verification of Status


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I have 3 questions:

1) It seems likely that my relative turned over their landed papers to a border officer when they were questioned at the airport about their status. It occurred during one of many visits to Canada about 20 years ago. This was before Permanent Resident cards were introduced.

My relative has travelled to Canada numerous times since that incident, each time entering as a visitor. Could you please advise if the action of leaving the landed papers with the officer constitutes her landed status being revoked? She didn’t sign anything and did not received any further direction, communication by mail or otherwise advising her that her status had been revoked.

2) Does requesting a Verification of status to replace lost landed papers flag your permanent landed status to IRCC.

3) Once received, can the VOS be used as the same way as landed paper when crossing a US/Canada land border by car?

Thanks in advance!