Biometrics in Chennai (India) and visa stamping in Canada - possible?


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Hi all,

My dad's visa is expiring in May and his TRV biometrics appointment is next week at Chennai VFS. Due to sudden change of plans, his ticket is booked and he'll arrive in Canada in the second week of April.

I'd like to clarify couple of things:
1. Do they collect the passport at the VFS office while submitting biometrics?
2. How long between biometrics submission and passport request?
3. How many days for submitting the passport upon receiving passport request?
4. Provided he has enough duration, can he submit the passport once he arrives in Canada for his visitor visa stamping?
5. His travel was decided after he applied for TRV. Instead of going through all the hassle listed above, should he just withdraw his application? Will there be a refund?

Thanks in advance!