Can my husband be sponsored Inland?


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My husband and I have been married for two years. I am Canadian and he is British; we were married in Scotland.

We are now living in Spain, but we are considering moving to Canada. I haven't been working while I've been in Spain for the last 8 months.
I have read of some guidelines, off the government website, for the salary a sponsor should make. I believe it was somewhere around $32K in the past 12 months. I obviously wouldn't be eligible for this. I could make that amount in 6 months if I return to Canada by myself to work.

If we apply for his PR after this time, my concern is if he would be eligible to come to Canada and apply Inland. Being British he obviously doesn't require a visa to enter Canada, as he could come as a visitor. We couldn't consider applying if he would not be eligible to live with my in Canada during the long application process; he would also need to be eligible for an Open Work Permit. We have already spent a lot of time long-distance and we wouldn't want to be apart during the lengthy application process.

Note: He is too old for a working holiday visa, and he wouldn't be classified as a highly skilled worker.

Any help or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. As much as I try and decipher the options we have, the government website just isn't that clear.

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Riley Haas

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Hi Sarah,
You really shouldn't sponsor from overseas, as you have to prove you intend to live in Canada. So, at the very least, you should come back to Canada to submit your sponsorship application.
But I see no reason why your husband cannot travel to Canada on an eTA to enter as a visitor. The tough thing is entering Canada, where he will have to prove that he will leave if the sponsorship application is refused (if that comes up when he is entering).


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Hi Riley,

Thank you for your reply.
No, I would come back to Canada before applying to sponsor as I'd need to start working first anyways.
I was only concerned with whether or not my husband could apply inland even if he has no rights to come over except by way of as a visitor.