Canada study permit if overstayed us f1 visa

Chances of getting Canadian study permit

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Asking for a friend,

My friend came to US on F1 Visa but due to low GPA couldn't enroll in future classes. He filed for petition and even tried applying to other universities but no luck. He stayed 18 months after his i20 expired and then returned to his home country. However his US Visa is till 2021.

He has received admission from Canada university and wants to apply for Canada study permit from his home country.

What are the chances of getting Canadian study permit in this situation?

Riley Haas

Staff member
So the US and Canada do share border information, though I don't know to what extent they share immigration information. (Let's assume they do.)

The overstay, if it is known to US officials, would certainly be taken into account when evaluating the study permit and visitor visa applications, because a huge part of the assessment is whether or not the officer believes the person will go home once their studies are over. If they think that the overstay indicates the person will not leave, they might reject the application. This is all provided they know about it.