Canadian Visitor Visas TRVs


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Hi, I am indian, working in Saudi Arabia Since last 7 Years. My relatives permanent resident of Canada. I want to visit Canada on my Vacation. They are ready to send me invitation letter and ready for all expenses of living ( food , home for stay etc.). in my Saudi account monthly salary transfer statement is around 1500CAD - 2000 CAD. I read you said around ''$3000-$7000'' .

But I don't have amount to show officer, is it necessary to show amount if even they are ready to be sponsor including all expenses.

I can effort only tickets for both side (arrival & departure.) my company will not give me any kind of letter or support in this regard. Can I get the visit Visa?

Thanks for your support.
My husband (salaried employee) and I (freelance writer) are applying for a Canadian visitor visa.

Since I'm working, I need to attach my bank statements and salary slips for the visa application. While we have every intention to return to India (we have dependents and family here), my concern is that my line of work might be misconstrued as me wanting to stay back in Canada or something like that.

I wanted to ask if anyone has been in a similar situation or what I could possibly write in my cover letter or include in my application to make it clear that I do not intend to stay in Canada and want to return to India.