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Hi Everyone,

My Relationship with British spouse collapsed over 2yrs ago shortly after i was refused a spouse visa to UK. She has 2 teenage children from another relationship, both children were from the same man. Part of the reason i was refused entry was because she was in a relationship akin to marriage that was not legally dissolved before we got together, voiding our marriage? Says the refusal letter. That was quite different what I was made to believe initially. We haven?t talked to each other in 2yrs. However i have tried to reach her via phone calls and text messages, she won?t respond. She never takes my calls or reply to my messages.
Meanwhile, certain vital documents relating to the both of us remains with her which she won?t return. Something tells me she might have destroyed our marriage certificate. I would have issued a court order or used other legal means to solve the issue but she lives in England and i live in Nigeria.
I am making plans to relocate to Canada in 2014 or 2015. My plan was for us to make it together but she?s holding me back for no fault of mine, that is not right and i must move on with life.
I read somewhere that i can get a
- Notarized statutory declaration of intension to proceed to Canada without a (spouse) family member.
- Will i still need to produce the marriage certificate even though i have the statutory declaration?
- What happens if i can?t produce the marriage certificate?

Please advise me on what to do concerning my predicament.

Riley Haas

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To be safe, you really should try to resolve this situation before trying to immigrate to Canada or anywhere else that might have access to UK marriage records. Have you tried consulting with a solicitor in England to try to resolve the issue?
How were you intending on immigrating to Canada, anyway?