Confused for NOC category


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I am currently working in linamar company as a "Line setup" job designation. I am really confused weather this job comes under NOC B category or not.However, i heard that we can file it under NOC code 7231(Machinist,Machines and tooling inspector) because of job responsibilities.
Here I am listing out the responsibilities which i have for my job designation. Can you please confirm that is it come under category B.

• Set-up and troubleshoot machines in a safe and productive manner.
• Analyze “out of tolerance” conditions and make adjustments.
• Work to continuously improve all areas of productivity and reduce scrap.
• Provide direct supervision to operators in the absence of the supervisor.
• Train and assist operators with troubleshooting as needed and work in a team environment.
• Read and interpret engineering drawings and specifications.

Riley Haas

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NOC 7231 should be NOC B but I don't know whether or not these responsibilities exactly fall into that. Determining that would likely be up to the person reviewing the LMIA application. Sorry I can't be more helpful.