Correct NOC number for Data Analytics Consultant


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I was wondering what would be the correct NOC to choose as I work as a Data Analytics Senior Consultant.
For people with familiarity within the field, I do Data Visualisation, Data Analysis and Manipulation, some SQL (but would not say I'm a database person) as well as working with clients to deliver tailored DA and BI solutions.
I'm currently considering both NOC 2171 & 2172 but not sure which I fall better under? Or maybe something completely different?
Many thanks.

Riley Haas

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Honestly I don't know which of those would be better, they both seem to miss a little bit of what you do. I would say 2171, if I had a gun to my head, but I'm just the forum admin. You could speak to a consultant to see if they have a preference. Or, alternatively, you could find a forum for your industry in Canada and ask for help there.


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Thanks Riley, that is good advice.
I tend to lean to 2171 as well.
Would you by any chance know of any good consultants/firms that I can contact?
Much appreciated.