CTI 0001 born outside Canada to Canadian parent


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Hello I am trying to obtain my citizenship certificate. However I am having some trouble with my fathers birth certificate as there exists only one copy and it is very old and some of the writing is very hard to read. Additionally even though it is a certified photo static copy the seal is missing. Also the registration number is only 3 digits. He was born in 1961, and this certificate was printed in the 80s!!!
I am wondering if I need to get a new one or if I can simply provide the IRCC with a photo copy of my father’s Canadian passport to suffice.
it would he really difficult for me to have to get a new one as finding a guarantor is very hard and also I have a job offer to expedite the process and I am worried it will all be for nothing…
Any help is appreciated thank you


Toronto, Ontario
You will need a new birth certificate, and you need to send the original. This can be obtained from your Provincial Registrar General. IRCC will send you back the documents once they are complete with your application.