Day trips to US

zZee Sequeira

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I landed in 2013, and counting physical presence towards 4 years. Physical presence calculator says I should be able to apply for citizenship on the 4 year anniversary of my landing, september 2017. In going through the calendar of physical calculator, I find that I have to list each of my over 200 per year day trips to the U.S. that I have to take because of my truck driving job. On those trips I cross the border into USA and cross back to Canada about 6 to 7 hrs later. I understand I would have to list each individual trip (time consuming, tedious, boring, etc) but my question is: would each instance of leaving Canada count also as an instance of residing in
Canada? or would the fact that I left the country automatically disqualify that day as a day I can count towards calculating my total physical presence in Canada for year? Any clarifications I would be glad to provide and thanks anybody who wants to grapple this. :)

Riley Haas

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I'm really sorry I missed this. I must have missed the notification.

I hope you haven't gone ahead and listed each trip.

You only need to list the trip if you spent the night in the US. If you returned with the day, no need to list the trip. A few hours outside of Canada does not count as a trip.

Again, I'm really sorry I missed this. If it ever happens again, please post a second time in the thread, and I should catch the notification.