Denied entry at Peace Bridge


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I recently flew to buffalo, rented a car from enterprise and was on my way to Hamilton and was denied entry into Canada. I have been to Canada about 20 times in my life, be it Montreal driving, Toronto flying and Vancouver. I have been secondary screened, but usually a few questions and they send me on my way. This time they searched my car (rental) and told me I had go inside for a background check. Which I figured was a bit odd, but no big deal. This is where it gets interesting, they asked me if I had a record or been arrested, to be honest the lady was talking a bit soft and I said no. Then she looked at me and said "have you been arrested" I said I had been arrested but it was dismissed the next day without prejudice. I had a disorderly (defended a female being assaulted) and the judge threw it out. That said, I explained exactly what it was, at a concert I was 39 and quite embarrassed about the whole thing. She then asked where I was going and who I was seeing, which I explained asked what she did for a living I explained she was recently living in a half way house and recently paroled from Jail. She asked me for her phone number as well as the half way house (which I didn't know) and then asked if she could look at my phone, which I opened and gladly gave her, she then took my phone and went out back with it, (would love to know what they did with it) what I do know is they at the minimum read my entire thread with my friend that went all the way back to before she want to prison. They then questioned if we were boyfriend and girlfriend (we aren't) and what she would be doing for work and then finally if I had permission from the halfway house to visit her. (I didnt') I was then told (you're not going to be allowed in) and given a return to America notice.

My question for all of you is the following. I read on that piece of paper I had a right to the "report" but I am unable to figure out where to get it. She did tell me I should a have some sort of proof (an email) about being able to visit and bring proof about my arrest being dismissed. I didn't really give it much thought, but I was more disappointed than I was mad, I traveled a long way just to visit and ended up in Buffalo... in December ;)

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated, another dumb American

Riley Haas

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Sorry to hear this, it's too bad it happened to you.

You can probably get more information by submitting an Access to Information request to the CBSA. My guess would be they thought you were indeed in a relationship and maybe that you were going to get married or something like that and that you would overstay. (Just a guess.) But the Access to Information request may reveal the true reason.

The officer is right; it's always best to have as much information as possible with you about your trip, especially if you've been to secondary before. Kind of surprised they had information about charges which were dismissed, but I guess that's the world we're in now.