Do I need to apply for Citizenship Card?


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I was born in the USA to Canadian parents in 1973. My parents obtained my Birth Abroad Certificate after my birth. I grew up in the USA but attended University in Canada (as a Canadian Citizen) in the early 1990’s but later returned to the USA where I now live (I did get a SIN card while living in Canada). I would like to obtain my Canadian Passport and am wondering if my Birth Abroad Certificate is still valid or if I need to obtain a Canadian Citizenship card? If so, is there a site or contact that provides a detailed process for doing (I would also like to see if my daughter is eligible for Citizenship as well). My parents remained Canadian Citizens (as legal aliens) in the USA until their deaths. I am not sure what my mother did with my Father’s legal alien card upon his death but my Mother was in the process of renewing her legal alien card (It was sent in to immigration) when she passed and when I reported her death her card was never processed and the old card not returned. I am sure I will likely need to prove my parents Canadian citizenship but how should I do that? Any insight and recommendations on how to proceed are most appreciated.

Riley Haas

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Yes a certificate of registration of birth abroad should be enough to prove your citizenship when getting a passport. You'll also need to prove your identity but your US passport should be sufficient for that. I'm not sure the government is processing passport applications yet but you can apply by mail once they start processing them again.