Entry without fulfilling residency obligations


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I am sure this was asked before but appreciate if you can share your experience on this. My PR will expire in August 2021 and I would like to enter Canada now but I didn't satisfy the residency obligations of staying 2 yrs in the past 5 yrs. Will I be allowed to enter?

Riley Haas

Staff member
So the answer is "probably." However, given the pandemic, I'm a little less sure of the answer.

Since you still have PR status, you are entitled to return to Canada. However, if the border officer believes there is no way you can meet your residence requirement before your card expires I believe they do have the right to initiate an investigation into your status.

How often does that happen? I'm sorry to say I have no idea. And the only way you're going to find out is by trying to enter Canada with your valid PR Card.