Express Entry application approved while on trip outside Canada


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Hello all

I have been residing in Toronto as a worker since December 2020; my work permit and worker visa are valid through 2024.
The Express Entry application status is Processing; I had submitted it mid Oct 2022.

Due to some urgent work, I need to travel to India (my home country) for 2-3 weeks during Feb-Mar 2024, and come back immediately afterwards.
  • What happens if the application is approved within that time-span, and I am not in Canada?
  • Does my Worker status change immediately or after I login to the PR Portal?
  • Will my worker TRV & work permit still stay valid?
  • Will I be able to return and enter Canada with these documents?

If your Express Entry application is approved - says:
You must tell us if you leave Canada before we grant you PR status.
  • Is going out of Canada for 2-3 weeks equivalent to leaving Canada?

Requesting help from the knowledgeable community, for some clarity on my questions.
Thanks in advance



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A 2 to 3 week trip to India is considered "leaving" Canada by the IRCC and by any reasonable definition of the verb "to leave". If you have doubts about any trip abroad, as a PR applicant you should always contact IRCC - hopefully through your online account with them.